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Team Power Skating Classes

During the season, Fusion Training will provide an expert coach that specializes in power skating to attend multiple practes through the span of the hockey season. The expert coaches will run the set practices determined and will also train the coaches in our power skating techniques to foster growth and development between Fusion practices. The practices will be designed to fit the skill level of the team and each practice will build off of the last helping the team grow and evolve throughout the season. 



Fusion will record each player twice throughout the season, upload the video including the coaches comments and have the video available for only the player and player’s parent(s) or gaurdian(s) to view it. The comments will consist of what the player does well, areas for improvement and information on how to make those improvements!


What Fusion will do for your association or your team?

  1. Fusion will have a number of scheduled practices throughout the year.


    Fusion’s expert power skating staff will come to your teams practice facility and run a 60 minute power skating practice.   We have come up with a program designed to develop players at every level and ability.  Practices will be evenly spread out throughout the season, allowing players to perfect the skills that we just worked so they can move on to the next skill development.  ​



  2. Fusion coaches will run the practices with the coaches of the team.  That way the coaches can learn the drills and why they work.

    Our main goals is to develop the players and give them a chance to move on to the next level.  Since players have to consistently work on skating  to really develop  and break their old habits, we will teach and train your coaches on what drills they can do and what they should look for.  

  3. At the start of the year, Fusion will upload video and write a detailed report on each players skating technique.

    We will comment on the video and explain what the player does well and what the player needs to work on and how.  That way the players will be able to focus on those areas throughout the season.  

  4. Fusion coaches will continue to push each team and player past their comfort zone and develop all the fundamentals from the ground up.

    ​​After we go over the proper technique we will start pushing players out of their comfort zone so they can start building confidence and strength on their skating.

  5. At the end of the year, the Fusion staff will report to each play on how much they have improved and what they need to continue to work on! 

    At the last skating session of the year, We will record the players skating again just like we did at the start of the year.  After we upload the video we will comment on the players progression throughout the year and some areas that they will need to focus on throughout the summer to make the jump to the next level.


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