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Lily Lake Ice Arena

Stillwater, MN

Intense 4 Week Camp

Camp Details:

2 Groups-

PeeWee(U12)/Bantam(U14) Group  

Open to all boys and girls entering or continuing at the Peewee, Bantam, U12 or U14 level for the 2023-2024 season.

In 2024 we are going to have consistent ice times for both groups and a dedicated off-ice training center for skills and workouts with Bantams having more weights integrated into their off-ice workouts.


We will have 1 - 75-minute ice time. 

The beginning of each ice time will be dedicated to developing skills.


We will then work on 1 on 1's, 2 on 1's, and 2 on 2's. This is where we will work heavily on angling!

Then we will finish our ice time with small area games, battle drills, and game-like scrimmages. This way players can get the most out of their summer training!

Fusion Training's Intense 4-week camp started in the summer of 2017. It consists of 2 blocks with each block running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 4 weeks & a total of 12 sessions.


The camp consists of an on-ice and an off-ice component focusing on making a difference in each player's game in an intense 4-week camp. By running the camp 3 days in a row, players will be able to develop and maintain habits for their upcoming season. 

Peewee age players will compete against other peewee age players and Bantam age players will compete against other Bantam age players. All drills and games will be played within their age group.


Camp Starts:

Block A

4 weeks

June 11th-July 11th *No camp on 7/2/2024-7/4/2024 for the 4th of July break

Block B

4 weeks

July 23rd - August 15th 

Days and Times:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

11:50pm - 3:30pm

**Please see daily schedule below.  

***Schedule may vary on some days. The weekly schedule will be sent out at the start of camp



Lily Lake Ice Arena

Stillwater, MN


Camp's Daily Schedule:

This is just a guideline. Ice times may change.

Peewee/Bantam Group 11:50-1:05 ICE 

The 75 minutes of ice time will consist of an up-tempo pace, drills aimed towards skating fundamentals, puck control fundamentals, shooting fundamentals and small-area compete for drills where we will help players learn how to win those battles. The drills will be used to help create individual skills and hockey IQ.

Peewee/Bantam Group 1:05-1:35 UNDRESS-BREAK

Players will have a quick 30 minutes to undress recover and get ready and have a quick snack for the next station.

Peewee/Bantam Group 1:35-2:15 1st OFF-ICE Skill Training 

Each day, players will spend 40 minutes either working on shooting, shooting, plyos, video or a hockey-orientated game.  Each day will progress into the next day pushing the players to work on their skills off-ice.

Peewee/Bantam Group 2:15-2:30 BREAK 

Players will have a quick 15 minutes to recover and get ready for the next station.

Peewee/Bantam Group 2:30-3:15 Off-Ice Workout

Players will then do a 45-minute Workout/Games/Video Session to finish the day.


Players will run through a series of alternating workouts and plyometric drills which will focus on proper techniques.  This area will focus on agility, fast-twitch muscles,hand-eye, conditioning and flexibility. Also, the coaches will run players through a variety of bodyweight lifts to build proper form building a foundation for them to be ready when it's time to start weightlifting.

Game/Hockey Video

One day players will spend 30 minutes learning the game of hockey and how to think through different situations from watching game film.  There the coaches will also show players the importance of playing like a team, back-checking, supporting the puck and using teammates to get open.

Cardio and games

On other days players will spend this time playing a variety of games that help build hockey sense as well as cardio and leg strength.


Camp Coaches:


Shane Wagner - Former Pro and College Player

Former Tier II Jr. Player and Current College players

For more information on the coaching staff and where they played.  Please click below:


1 Block- 15 Hours of Ice Time


***$472.50 If registered before Feb. 1st

Both Blocks- 30 Hours of Ice Time


***$675 If registered before Feb. 1st

Plus $65 Jersey & T-shirt Fee


10% Family discounts 

10% Early registration discount

*Before February 1st.

With any questions or concerns, you can contact Fusion Training at:


Contact Fusion Training with any questions or concerns about our FTC I-4 camp by filling out the form below.

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