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2023 Pre-Tryout Camp Schedule and Locations 
is now Available!!!

2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Pre-Tryout Camp were a huge success.  Stillwater Sold out two weeks before the start of camp!  


  • Our Pre-Tryout camp is designed to make sure every player is getting the best out of their time before try-outs.  We'll make sure they're moving for the entire ice time.

  • Players will always understand how to do each drill, why we're doing it, the skill associated with the drill and why it works for that skill. The camp will focus heavily on skills and competition.

  • Please check below for the locations and times that work for your player's level

  • Camp will be held at the Lily Lake Ice Arena.


2015 PTC


2016 PTC


2017 PTC


2018 PTC



Squirts(U12) / PeeWee(U14) / Bantam(U16)


For boys and girls entering or already in

Squirts/U12, Peewees/U14 & Bantams/U16

for the 2023/24 season.

Ice time will be 60 minutes long.

Every practice will be up tempo with drills focused on skating fundamentals and small-area compete drills helping players learn how to win those small area battles. The drills will be used to help create individual skills and hockey IQ.

All sessions will be held at
the Lily Lake Ice Arena.

2023 Fusion Training Pre-Tryout Camp Schedule.png

Click below to contact Fusion with any questions or concerns.

Our 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Pre-Tryout Camp SOLD OUT! 

Don’t Wait to Sign Up!


$325 for All Sessions Paid in Full

$340 for All Sessions Payment Plan

    -2 Installments ($150 during registration,

        $190 plus processing fees

Choose Sessions

$45.00 for each Session & Paid in Full

Plus $50 Jersey & T-shirt Fee (If you need a jersey)

8 Sessions

8 Hours of On-Ice training



Click below to be directed to  our online Registration

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