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Girls U14 Camp

60 Minutes on ice and 60 minutes off ice Tuesday and Thursday. 2, 4 week blocks.

Camp Will Included:

  • Video analysis on skating stride at the beginning and end of each block. 

  • A Report Card at the end of each week.

  • Camp jersey.

  • List of drills to do at home.

Camp Times:

The camp will consist of 2 blocks, 8 sessions long. We'll meet every Tuesday and Thursday.  The first block will run from June 7th to June 30th and those ice times will be in the AM (ice times are located below). The second session will run from July 26th to August 18th and those ice times will all be at 12:30PM.


Camp Location:

St. Croix Valley Rec. Center 


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Camp Details:

Camp will meet every day on ice for 60 minutes and off ice for 60 minutes. Every on ice practice will consist of an up tempo drills aimed towards skating fundamentals and small area compete drills where we will help players learn how to win those battles. The drills will be used to help create individual skills and hockey IQ. We will go over puck protection and defensive positioning in an effective and safe way.  We will make sure the skill is appropriate for all levels and we will make sure players understand why they need the skill and where to use it.


The 60 minute off ice practice will take place after the on ice practice. We wil take all players up to the dome or outside to work on more hockey skills off the ice. We will talk about stickhandling, shooting, plyos and how to do those away from the camp.



Nate Wagner

Shane Wagner 

Other Fusion coaches 



$225 Per block and $500 for both. Day Camp pick up is $180 per block.


Camp Limit:

20 players.

"Day Camp Option"
What is it and how does it work?

At the St. Croix Valley Rec. Center we also run an “All Day Summer Camp.” Knowing it can be hard to drop your player off then have to come right back after dryland is over, we created a “Day Camp” option.  This option allows players in the girls’ camp an opportunity to stay with our day camp after dryland is over. That way your player can stay busy playing games and having fun under our coaches supervision.  Plus, with the “Day Camp Option” in the 2nd block, they will receive AN EXTRA HOUR OF ICE! 

1st Block   June 7th – June 30th

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2nd  Block   July 26th – August 18th

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