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How the camp Works

How Does the Camp Work?

How Does All Day Summer Camp  Work?

Anytime after 7:30am, parents will be able to drop their player off at the rink where we will get started right away with either a game of kickball or four-square in the indoor turf area or in front of the arena.
From there, our coaches will take them to the locker room to get them dressed for the ice. At least one coach will be available in the locker to help the younger campers get their hockey equipment on if they need help! We usually allow around 30 minutes for the players to get ready for the ice. We will help the younger players get dressed but we will also encourage and show them how to do it themselves. 
After we make sure every player is out of the locker rooms and on the ice, we will have our 1st hour of ice of the day, We will focus heavily on skills during our morning ice times.
When our 1st ice time is finished, our coaches will lead the players back into the locker rooms, assisting the younger players if needed. 
From there, we will take them to the lobby for a snack (each player is responsible for bringing their own snack).  ​​
After everyone has had a snack, we will head to the turf area or outside and our coaches will run them through an arrangement of fun, hockey related off-ice activities.  ​
Finally, around noon, the players will have an hour to eat lunch and relax.  At that time, the Fusion coaches will talk with players about hockey and answer questions they might have about the game. 
When they are all finished eating, we will take them  outside (weather permitting) for an afternoon game or activity.   
Then the players will get another chance to relax and have a snack before we get them ready for our 2nd hour on the ice. 
After the second ice is over, parents are welcomed to pick up their player at any time.  For those players that are still there until 5pm, we will have another activity or game to keep them busy.  

Contact Fusion Training with any questions or concerns about our All Day Camp by filling out the form below.

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