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How does the registration work?

Instead of signing up for 3 days for 10 weeks, 2 days for 5 weeks or 4 days for 10 weeks, now you register in days in 5-Day Tiers. So, 3 days for 10 weeks would be a 30-day registration, 2 days for 5 weeks would be a 10-day registration and 4 days for 10 weeks would be a 40-day registration.


At the end of the registration

On the Receipt Page, there will be a link to our Attendance Survey. This is where you pick the days you want to attend camp. PLEASE Read the Directions Carefully as it will explain how you will be able to edit your selections throughout the summer. Also on the Receipt Page is all the documents you need for the camp (The Welcome Letter, the Waiver and the Medical Information Form). The Waiver & the Medical Information Form need to be printed and filled out so we have a hard copy at the camp. Last, but not least, there is a link to our Contact Information Survey that will give us access to your contact information and any medical or other needs for your camper, including who will be able to pick them up.


You will then receive an email of your order receipt from SportsEngine. If you have any questions, please email


Can you make payments or does it need to be paid off upfront?

You can do both.  If you would like to make payments, you will just need to contact Fusion and select pay offline when you register. We offer payments via Zelle, PayPal & with online invoices through


Can the payments be made weekly? 

Absolutely. Just let us know and we can set it up. You can pay with a check after each week at camp or after every two weeks at camp. Or you can pay with a credit card online! You just need to click pay offline and contact us on how to set it up!

Any other questions or concerns, please contact Fusion or search our FAQ's 

Pricing Payments 

Stillwater All Day Camp Pricing

Stillwater All Day Camp Prices After January 31st, 2024

Full Day Pricing

Half Day Pricing

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Register Before February 1st, 2024

Full Day Pricing

Half Day Pricing

CG ADC Prcing

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