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The Benefits of Joining All Day Summer Camp #3 - Improving Athleticism

Our benefit series for joining All Day Summer Camp continues with benefit #3, improving your athleticism. At our Summer Camps, it’s not just about becoming a better hockey player. It’s about becoming a better athlete by doing all kinds of different activities that help the campers become more all-around athletes.

We have 2 hours of on-ice time every day but that’s only about a quarter of a full day of camp. We fill the rest of the day with off-ice training with only some of that training being hockey related. We do a lot of different games like tennis-ball baseball, soccer, dodgeball, handball, kickball and others that are definitely fun but they also allow the kids to step back and experience different things.

We always want the kids moving around and having fun. We want them playing every game even if it may not be their favorite game. We’ll take the time to show them how to play and stress patience and being a good sport at the same time. They might be surprised how much they actually enjoy the game once they just get out there and play.

We will work with the campers on their ABCs, that being agility, balance and coordination. For young athletes, that is beneficial because they are still in that window of training development. They aren’t yet set in their ways so it’s a lot easier to make adjustments to the correct form and/or technique so they get the most out of every exercise and/or drill.

Also, with ages from 6-13, we will group the campers together accordingly as some of the exercises will change for different age groups.

So, by joining Fusion Training’s All Day Summer Camp, you know campers will Improve Their Skating, Improve Their Puck Skills and become a better athlete. See the other benefits of joining All Day Summer Camp on our Fusion Training Blog page. Benefit #4 is Becoming a Better Hockey Player.

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