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The Benefits of Joining All Day Summer Camp #1 - Improve Your Skating

Improve your skating by joining Fusion Training's All Day Summer Camp

Skating is the biggest reason youth hockey players should join any of Fusion Training's All Day Summer Camps. Being a great skater will take your game where it needs to be more than any other skill in the game. Basically, if you can't skate, you can't play hockey. Well, let's just say if you can't skate or skate very well, hockey will not be as fun as it could be.

Every skill in hockey involves skating in one way or another. Shooting, passing, defense and offense can still be done if you're not a good skater but it's very difficult to do them well without being able to move around without thinking about how to get from point A to point B.

The best example is from the players in the NHL. Every NHL team has a development camp for their prospects during the offseason and the first thing they usually do on the ice is skating drills with a skating coach. To take it a step further, the best players in the game will work on their skating in the offseason. They pay private skating instructors to help them tweak their skating so they have proper posture, a longer stride, more power and increased speed.

John Tavares, #91 and also the captain of the New York Islanders was the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NHL Draft. When he was drafted, the biggest knock on his game was his skating. He worked for 3 offseasons to correct his stride, probably because he had skated one way for so long and his skating never really hindered him before he reached the NHL and he has the drive to get better in any way possible.

It's easier to change or correct a player's stride when they are first learning how to skate than to correct it after they've been skating for years. Learning the right way to skate will pay off down the road.

This is why we focus heavily on skating during our Summer Camps and, we do it in a fun way. We do skating drills every time we get on the ice because everything else in the game revolves around skating. If any player can get to the point where they're skating becomes second nature, where they don't have to think about it, they will excel at the game and get on the ice more often.

Most mite and squirt programs have about 40 hours of ice time a season. Players at our camp will have the opportunity for over 100 hours of ice time. In those hours we make sure each player is working on the skills that will enable them to become better individual players and better team players.

Our coaches have coached skating techniques and other hockey skills for the past 16 years. Fusion Coaches are well known for their ability to teach the details of every skill, especially skating, to every player. We also make sure players have fun while doing so. Having fun is still our number one goal! If players are having fun, they'll enjoy the camp and they'll want to come back day after day.

"My player spent the summer at Fusion Training and loved every day! He enjoyed playing all sorts of games on and off the ice. I can't believe how much he improved over the summer! He went from being an average player to one of the best! Also, the prices were cheaper than most camps that didn't include 2 hours of ice per day. Small camp numbers and experienced coaches made it a great experience and we will be back every summer, every day!" - 2016 Camp Parent

See the other benefits of joining All Day Summer Camp on our Fusion Training Blog page. Benefit #2 is Improving Your Puck Skills.

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