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Success Is In The Details!

Success is in the Details

Parents sign their kids up for hockey camps for various reasons and we’ve seen the majority of them. It goes from a kid who really loves the game of hockey and wants to get better all the way down to a kid who is basically there for daycare and doesn’t even like hockey. The biggest reason, of course, is to get their child or children develop into a better hockey player over the summer. More specifically, to develop their skating, passing, puck-handling, shooting and learning specific details of the game of hockey while actually playing the game or, their hockey skills.

The best way to improve hockey skills, or any skills for that matter, is to work on them day after day after day for a long time. If you work on anything every day for more than an hour per day, you are going to see improvement. That’s a fact. Work for an hour every day for a week on any skill and you will improve that skill. Now go for 2 weeks, a month, 3 months or even a year and see how much you improve.

There is no better time to work on hockey skills than in the summer. School’s Out For Summer! The kids need something to do. It’s fun! They get to be with their friends and/or make new friends. They get to play a bunch of other games like tennis-ball baseball, soccer, kickball, tennis, pickle ball, capture the flag, dodgeball and street hockey. They get to be outside in nature. They get FREE Pizza on Fridays!!!

Kids can work on any skills alone but after a while, they will likely hit a wall and they don’t improve as much anymore. That is when teaching and coaching comes in and can help them get to the next level because teachers and coaches will show them the details of those skills and if you didn’t know, Success Is In The Details. Take anything you’ve done in your life and if you look back, at some point, you had to focus on the details of what you were trying to learn. Just look at the things we do every day, cooking, driving, talking, writing, listening, playing any game, dancing, etc… People go to classes for all of those things so they’ll improve those skills.

Coaches will show the campers that a slight change in their technique or their form can make all the difference in having success with any skill. They know because they’ve done it themselves and they’ve already coached a bunch of other hockey players and seen how well it works. There are different ways to do any skill correctly and usually every player does it a little differently than every other player.

The key is to get the basic details of a skill right when your young because it’s easier to make a change when a player is still young and new to the sport and/or skill. It’s much more difficult to change if you’ve been playing and doing a skill the same way for a long time because you’ve been doing it so long, you don’t even have to think about it anymore. The skill has become a natural part of your game or Second Nature. Any skill can still be improved no matter how long you’ve been playing. It just might take longer to do it.

Our All Day Summer Camps run for 50 days (at our Stillwater location) and 35 days (at our Cottage Grove location.) A player could do 55 total if they signed up for 35 days at Cottage Grove and also added the 4 weeks of the month of June, too. The best way to get better and improve the most is to do as many days as possible. That way, your child will be practicing these skills every day and by the end of a summer of working on those skills, it’s crazy how much they’ll improve.

We’ve seen it every summer we’ve done a hockey camp and then we’ll hear about it from the parents the next summer. They’ll say the coaches were amazed at how much better their child was from the year before.

So...our All Day Summer Camp Registration is OPEN and ready for business and it comes along with our Black Friday Special so get on over there and signed up because the camp is limited to 30 campers per day per group so 60 total at Stillwater and 30 at Cottage Grove.

Just so nobody is confused, the Black Friday Deal gives you 5 or 10 more days at camp for FREE when you register for 35 or 40 days, respectively. That means if you want to register for 50 days, you can register for 40 days and then you would receive 10 more days for FREE. That would then make your total 50 days.

Just to be clear, if you want to register for 40 days, you can register for 35 days and then you would receive 5 more days for FREE. That would then make your total 40 days.



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We can’t wait to get 2019 started!!!

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