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The Benefits of Joining All Day Summer Camp #5 - Having Fun & Making Friends

At Fusion Training’s All Day Summer Camps, our main goal is to make sure every camper is having fun every day. When campers are having fun, they will make friends and they will improve even more because they are enjoying what they are doing.

We know that having fun is a very important part of coming to our camps so we make sure to have that be the main focus every day. This is why after doing some skating drills or some off-ice training, we mix in a game that utilizes those skills so the kids can have fun but they are also getting better at the same time.

We make sure to have them play other games like lacrosse (new this year), soccer, baseball, dodgeball, handball and even play some board games to get their minds working so their bodies have time to rest. We make sure they know how to play these games so they can have fun playing and competing.

Having fun is also the main focus of our scrimmages on Wednesdays and Fridays so we try to get some music going and do the national anthem and try to make it seem like a real game. We’ll also make trades during the game to try and even out the teams to make the games closer because while it may be fun to win a game by a large score, it’s never fun to lose that same game.

We will go to the park on some days and let the campers play on the jungle gym or the swings but we will eventually set up a game of lacrosse, soccer, tennis-ball baseball, atomic volleyball, dodgeball and we'll bring along the equipment needed to maybe just throw a football around if they want to.

Periodically throughout the camp, we'll plan a few days where we go to the beach and kids really love it. We take a bus to and from the beach. Both Coach Shane and Coach Nate are certified EMTs and safety is the most important thing during these outings.

Sign up today and we’ll make sure every camper is Improving Their Skating, Improving Their Puck Skills, Becoming More Athletic and Becoming a Better Hockey Player all while having a lot of fun and making new friends all summer long.

Our Early Bird Discounts end today so JOIN NOW and SAVE on 2018 Fusion Training All Day Summer Camp.

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