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The Benefits of Joining All Day Summer Camp #4 - Playing & Learning Hockey

Our series of benefits for joining All Day Summer Camp continues today with benefit #4, playing and learning the game of hockey. Playing and learning the game of hockey is basically putting together everything else we do at camp to become a better hockey player which, of course, is the ultimate goal of coming to camp all summer long.

There are many ways to get better at the game of hockey. You can work on individual skills. You can work on Team Skills. You can work on offense and defense. You can work on playing with and without the puck. You can work on all of that and more but the bottom line is you eventually have to try to put it all together by playing hockey.

That’s why we have scrimmages on Wednesdays and at the end of the week on Fridays. That way, campers get a chance to work on skills every day of camp, mixing in various games that help use those skills so then, when it comes time to actually play hockey, they can put all those skills to use while playing the game.

Another great thing about playing hockey at camp is that coaches will often stop the game to coach if they see something the campers are doing that they can change or tweak to make a different play or change how a play goes because of their positioning or where they put the puck and, of course, if they aren’t playing according to the rules.

We always make the game fun, too. We do that because we believe the best way to learn is to have fun and not have the pressure of making a big mistake that could lose the game for their team. There’s a reason players play outside during the winter with their buddies all the time. When they’re just messing around with their buddies, they can try to make plays or moves they might not attempt during a team practice or game because it’s no big deal if they make that mistake while just messing around.

That’s the best time to make mistakes because you can learn from those mistakes so the next time, or in a more important situation, they’ve already learned what to do and they’ll be a better player because of it.

Obviously, every camper will become better by Improving Their Skating, Improving Their Puck Skills, and by becoming more athletic but, they still have to learn how the game is played and the best way to do that is by playing hockey every day at one of our All Day Summer Camps.

See the other benefits of joining All Day Summer Camp on our Fusion Training Blog page. Benefit #5 is Having Fun and Make Friends..

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